Beauty Make up

”Copper Sparkle Mac Pigment”

Look 7 of 100 Days of Makeup

To achive this look you’ll need:

1⃣ Mac Prolongwear Concealer, my shade is NC25

2⃣ Mac Eyeshadow Folie in the crease, inner corner & outter corner of the eye. Only leave a circle on the middle of the lid for the pigment to create a spoteye look

3⃣ Take a synthetic brush and spray a little bit of Mac fix + and grab some pigment , I used Mac Copper Sparkle. But like with everything else you can play with your favorite colours.

4⃣ Flick eyeliner with Collection Extreme Black felt tip eyeliner

5⃣ Mascara by Clinique – power lash in black

6⃣ Mac Smokdering eye pencil on the bottom & top waterline

7⃣ Blend some Folie eyeshadow under you bottom lashes and you are done

8⃣ Eyebrows : Clinique eyebrow pencil in deep brown 03 & to set Mac eyebrow clear gel

9⃣ Face: Clinique Beyond Perfecting 06, Mac Springsheen blush

Hope you like it…

Your Beauty Keeper xxx

Beauty Make up

”Another Spoteye”

This is for Day 6 of 100 Days of Makeup


To get this look:

1⃣ Conceal your eyes with Mac Prolongwear Concealer, mine is NC25
2⃣ Take Inglot Eyeshadow no. 55
This is the burgundy colour and blend it in your outer corner, inner corner & your crease to create the spoteye look
3⃣ Take Mac All That Glitters and apply it on the centre of the lid
4⃣ Collection Extreme Black Eyeliner to line your eyes & create the flick
5⃣ Mac Smolder pencil on the waterline, top & bottom
6⃣ Take the Inglot burgundy eyeshadow under your eyes
7⃣ Clinique Lash Power Mascara in Black

Eyebrows, same as in previous posts…

Face: Clinique Repairwear Anti-aging Foundation in shade 5 (discontinued)

Mac Blush in Springsheen

Lips: Mac Diva, a deep burgundy-red lipstick

Hope you like it…

Your Beauty Keeper xxx

Beauty Make up

”Pop of Colour”

For todays look, day 5 of 100 days of Makeup I decided to do a ”Pop of Colour” makeup.


This is a easy look to achive, here’s what you need:
1⃣ Conceal your eyes with Mac Prolongwear, my shade is NC25
2⃣ Take some Cork eyeshadow by Mac on a blending brush and blend it into your crease
3⃣ On the lid i used Mac Blanc Type
4⃣ Here comes the pop of colour! Mac Minted eye pencil on the waterline & Mac Humid eyeshadow under the lower lashes, you can go with your favorite colour (blue or purple are nice too)
5⃣ Collection Extreme Black liner to achive the flick
6⃣ Clinique Black Feathering Mascara
7⃣ Clinique Repairwear Antiaging foundation, shade 5 (discontinued 😭)
8⃣ Mac Springsheen Blush
9⃣ Mac Brave lipstick

Hope you liked it!!!

Your Beauty Keeper xxx

Beauty Make up

”Valentine’s Look” 💗

For day 4 of 100 days of makeup I decided to do a make up look for Valentine’s Day…



To recreate this look you will need:

Mac Prolongwear Concealer or your own eyeshadow base/concealer.
I used MAC 217 brush to blend Cork eyeshadow by Mac in the crease.
With a flat brush then i applied Mac Blank Type on the lid. Turn your flat brush and apply pink eyeshadow on the outter lid only. I used Inglot 362 which is a matte bright pink.
You have probably noticed by now that i use a combination between Mac & Inglot eyeshadows. I think they are both very pigmented and easy to blend.
Next apply Mac Smolder pencil on your waterline top & bottom.
Collection 2000 Extreme black eyeliner to create the line & flick.
Clinique Power Lash Mascara in black.

For the eyebrows i used my lately routine: Clinique Superfine Eyebrow pencil in 03 Deep Brown & to set them in place Mac eyebrow gel in clear.

For the face:
Clunique Beyond Perfecting in 06 Ivory with a drop of Mac Strobe Cream to give it a bit of glow.
Mac Well Dressed blush.

On the lips:
Estee Lauder lasting Shimmer in Electric Pink.

Wishing you all cupids a Happy Valentine’s Day 💞

Your Beauty Keeper xxx

Beauty Make up

”Something Purple”

So we got to day 3 of 100 days of makeup…

Here is todays look


Product list:


Clinique Beyond Perfecting mixed with Mac Strobe Cream to give it a glow…
Mac Well Dresses Blush


Mac Cork eyeshadow in the crease
Make Up For Ever no.92 bright Purple eyeshadow, this colour was a must have it when I spotted it on one of the amazing Pixiwoo sisters youtube videos.
On the lid Mac All That Glitters eyeshadow
Mac Smolder pencil on the waterline
Collection 2000 extreme black eyeliner
Clinique Lash Power Black Mascara


Clinique superfine eyebrow pencil in Deep Brown 03 topped with Mac Clear Eyebrow gel to set them.


Mac Up The Amp

I hope you like it.
Let me know if you liked it & what look would you like me to do next…
Something for Valentine’s Day ❤️?

Your Beauty Keeper xxx

Beauty Make up


Day 2 of 100 Days of Makeup is a so called ”Spoteye” which became very popular for the last year or so…

This time i went for some colour before you get bored with my nude/neutrals…



On the Eyes:

Mac Prolongwear Concealer in NC25
Blue eyeshadow Inglot 426
Mac Nocturnelle
Mac Smolder pencil
Collection 2000 Extreme Black Eyeliner
Clinique Lash Power Mascara in Black


Clinique Supefine pencil in 03 Deep Brown
To set Mac Clear gel


Clinique New Foundation Beyond Perfection in 06 Ivory
Mac Springsheen Blush

Mac Faux

You can go & create your ”Spoteye” with you fave combo colours…

Your Beauty Keeper