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Melt Cosmetics ”Love Sick” Stack

Excited is not the word!!!!

I was looking @ this eyeshadows on Instagram/Youtube for a few months & last week i decided to order them…. 

They arrived just on time for my Birthday ( i have the best boyfriend šŸ˜œ).

Here’s a few pictures/swatches before i start talking about them…


From left to right: 

LOVE SICK- a beautiful burgundy-red …inspired by their most popular lipstick 6six6. I’ve been on a hunt for a matte burgund-red since last Autumn, this shade is the reason i bought this stack!!!

AMELIE- a perfectly peachy gold, you’ll want to add it all over Cheeks! Highlight! Eyes!

PROMISCUOUS- a beautiful color changing violet-blue! Use it alone, or combine it with black to reveal a completely different shade! Amazing & unique again…

FIXATED – a gorgeous matte grey inspired by one of their favorite lipsticks, Space Cake, so pigmented and cool you have to see it to believe it…

Ok… Lets start with the packaging… They are all stacked together because of the magnet.You can stack all shadows into one big palette, create new palettes, or just stack two or three shadows. The magnets are strong and stay in place well. Pretty & organised, great for your makeup kit.


They are all very pigmented so a little goes a long way. Easy to blend too… Love sick & Fixated are matte while Amelie & Promiscuous are shimmery.

Price: $48 ( i had to pay shipping & custom too).

Some will say they are pricey… I say they are worth it!!

They are double the size of Mac Eyeshadows….

Overall i’m in love !!

There will be few looks in the next days, so watch this space!!



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